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Xoom Energy Offers Ohio Natural Gas Supply

Xoom Energy is a competitive retail supplier that operates in many energy markets, including Oho, Pennsylvania and Texas. As an Ohioan, you have energy choice and can choose a competitive retail supplier for energy supply.

In Ohio, natural gas and electricity are available through Xoom Energy. The company serves customers in the utility areas of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dayton Power and Light, Illuminating Company, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio and more. As a resident or business owner in a restructured utility area that works with competitive retail suppliers, you have the power to explore your options and find a plan and supply rate that matches your energy usage requirements and budget.

Xoom Energy plans

Xoom Energy offers an array of plans to meet the preferences of many different consumers shopping for energy. The plans and pricing available may change depending on your ZIP code, however, it’s likely Xoom Energy will offer price protection.

SureLock is one plan offered by the company that ensures price protection. Customers who sign up for SureLock are securing their natural gas supply rates for the length of their contract. This plan structure is ideal for consumers interested in better predicting their bill and having their supply rate remain constant month after month.

In addition to SureLock, the company also offers variable-rate supply plans. According to the company, variable-rate plans include flexible supply rates. Each month, supply rates may increase or decrease in response to the upward and downward trends of the energy market. These plans don’t require a long-term contract and customers are able to switch plans if suitable.

Fixed-rate and variable-rate supply plans each provide different benefits. To determine which plan would provide you with everything you want, think about whether you’d prefer knowing your monthly energy supply rate or taking advantage of the volatile energy market. This can help guide you and ensure you enroll in the right plan for your household and pocketbook.

Additional features offered by the supplier

As a competitive retail supplier, the company offers a variety of additional features to provide customers with convenient solutions. The company has an online blog to help customers stay up to date on energy efficiency and industry information.

Xoom Energy customers can access their account online. Customers have the option to update their account information, cancel service or change their plan.

Shop for energy

Consumers just like you are constantly looking for a new energy plan. Whether they want to start service with a new provider, receive a new supply rate or explore their potential options, consumers are shopping for energy to make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck and receiving quality customer care and service.

Exploring the marketplace gives consumers the ability to compare providers, pricing and products. Through comparing these features, consumers are better able to identify which company best suits their needs.

Xoom Energy is one of your options for Ohio natural gas and energy supply. To feel more confident with your decision, discover more options.

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Updated: 9-11-15.