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Volunteer Energy is a competitive retail supplier that offers natural gas solutions to customers across several states. The Volunteer Energy service area encompasses Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. As an Ohioan, this supplier may be one of your options for natural gas supply.

Volunteer Energy offers Ohio natural gas in certain operating utility areas, including Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio, Duke Energy and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio. This competitive retail supplier works with residents and business owners and offers competitive pricing to meet their needs. According to the company it is a licensed supplier in all states in which it operates and supplies natural gas to thousands of customers.

Residents and business owners have the power to choose a company like Volunteer Energy for Ohio natural gas supply. Learn more about energy choice in Ohio to fully understand your options for natural gas.

Energy choice in Ohio

Energy choice in Ohio explains the restructured energy market. Utilities that once controlled all aspects of electricity and natural gas – from generation to delivery – are no longer the only companies offering supply services. Ohio energy suppliers such as Volunteer Energy offer competitive pricing, various supply plan structures, electricity and natural gas solutions, customer care and more. These suppliers entered the industry more than a decade ago when the energy market changed and are required to be certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Energy choice gives consumers options and many consumers take advantage and switch to a competitive retail supplier for natural gas supply. This option is available to you, too. Consumers can explore Ohio natural gas supply rates and suppliers at any time. The best way to identify if switching is right for your needs is to compare your options.

Volunteer Energy offerings

Each competitive retail supplier offers unique features, plans and pricing to attract customers. This competitive retail supplier offers customers variable-rate supply plans so customers can take advantage of the fluctuating natural gas market.

The energy market increases and decreases according to supply and demand. These fluctuations in turn lead to price changes. For consumers interested in supply rates that change on a month-to-month basis, variable-rate supply plans are a great option.

In addition to variable-rate natural gas supply plans, the company also offers exclusive AAA discounts. AAA Ohio members have access to stable supply rates that guarantee price protection. A stable rate supply plan allows consumers to better predict their energy bill and rely on their natural gas supply rate remaining the same each month. Other AAA discounts and offers may also be available.


Still connected to the utility

Residential or business consumers who decide to enroll with a competitive retail supplier for natural gas supply should be aware that they are still connected to the utility. Volunteer Energy customers will continue to have the same billing and delivery service. Customers will continue to have their natural gas delivered with no interruptions and will continue to receive their bill from their local utility company.

For any questions regarding your supply plan or rate, be sure to contact your competitive retail supplier. All other questions or concerns regarding your delivery service or natural gas emergencies should be reported to the utility company.

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Updated: 9-11-15.