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Learn About Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio's Gas Offerings

Vectren is an energy company that operates in Ohio and Indiana through three separate utility companies. Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio is the utility company that brings natural gas services to more than 310,000 customers.

The Vectren Corporation is headquartered in Indiana. According to the company website, its missions include delivering quality customer service and investor returns, constantly improving company culture and to lead in safety. The company’s slogan, Live Smart, aligns with its purpose to offer energy solutions to customers that are protective, productive and comfortable.

Vectren wants its customers to live smart. Learn more about Vectren by clicking your nearest city in the list below.

Vectren Energy AkronVectren Energy ClevelandVectren Energy ColumbusVectren Energy Dublin
Vectren Energy EuclidVectren Energy Garfield HeightsVectren Energy Grove CityVectren Energy Kent
Vectren Energy LakewoodVectren Energy Maple HeightsVectren Energy North OlmstedVectren Energy Parma
Vectren Energy ReynoldsburgVectren Energy Shaker HeightsVectren Energy SolonVectren Energy Stow
Vectren Energy StrongsvilleVectren Energy ToledoVectren Energy WadsworthVectren Energy Willoughby

Vectren energy delivery

As a resident in west central Ohio, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio is your local natural gas utility company. The company, however, does not offer natural gas supply. In fact, in 2008 the company stopped offering Vectren gas supply and partnered with approved suppliers to provide consumers in its service area with a standard choice offer (SCO).  In addition, customers can also choose to receive natural gas supply from an alternate retail supplier.

Ohio natural gas options

In Ohio, natural gas is a restructured resource. Ohio natural gas became restructured in the late 1990s. At this time, the energy market transformed and consumers became eligible to choose their own energy company.

Energy choice invited consumers to explore the energy market and compare suppliers. Millions of Ohioans partake in energy choice and have switched from their utility or from a standard choice offer to an innovative product offered by competitive retail suppliers. These suppliers often offer a variety of plans and competitive pricing.

In the Vectren energy service area you can choose to receive natural gas from a competitive retail supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. If you’ve never explored the energy marketplace before then you’re currently enrolled with a standard choice offer supplier but the option to switch is always available.

Stay connected to Vectren gas services

Vectren gas is delivered to consumers through the company’s pipeline infrastructure. It is through these pipelines that gas is delivered to your home or business in Ohio. According to the company, Vectren gas pipelines are regularly maintained and tested in order to ensure that the system is operating correctly and safely.

Since Vectren energy pipelines are maintained by the company it is also responsible for resolving any natural gas emergencies you may experience. If you suspect a gas leak or problem with your natural gas supply, you should leave the area immediately and call Vectren.

To view Vectren gas updates in a timely fashion, customers can log into the Vectren mobile app. This app is available in app stores and allows customers to report and view local power outages and locate contact information for emergencies. This is available for Android and Apple phones and offers information about Vectren, energy news releases and more.


Updated: 9-9-15.