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Spark Energy: OH Natural Gas and Electricity Retailer

Spark Energy natural gas in OH is available for both residential and business customers. This company is an energy retailer, meaning it purchases natural gas and electricity in bulk so it can then sell it to customers at competitive rates. Retailers, or providers, shouldn’t be confused with utilities. Deregulation means that you can buy energy from a company other than your utility.

However, your utility will continue to deliver you your natural gas. Your utility is assigned to you according to ZIP code. This company will make sure you get your energy when it’s needed. Utilities own and maintain transmission and distribution lines. If there’s ever a problem with your natural gas, it’s your utility that fixes the problem. One of the best things about deregulation is that you can shop for a different energy provider and rates.

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Spark Energy: Natural gas rates in OH can vary

Energy rates can be fickle. The energy industry, including natural gas and electricity, is difficult to predict. The reason energy rates are so tumultuous and hard to forecast is because demand for natural gas and electricity is constantly fluctuating. There are many factors that affect demand, such as how hot or cold it is outside and how long that weather front holds on, and these aspects of the industry are always at play with one another. Availability of natural gas affects its price. If there’s a blockage in production or transmission and distribution, natural gas prices might rise. Likewise, if Ohio experiences a cold front, everyone cranking up their heat could make gas prices spike, too.

Spark Energy in OH offers stable rates

Variable rates reflect the constant ups and downs of energy prices. Companies charge what they think is appropriate based on that month’s industry demand. However, as a customer of Spark Energy natural gas in OH, you can sign up for a stable-rate plan. With this type of financing, your rate for natural gas is constant each month. Instead of having to guess what monthly supply prices are going to look like, you already know what rate you are going to pay for your energy. This kind of predictability has its benefits. With a stable-rate plan, many consumers find it easier to establish a budget. When home and business owners know what kind of money they have to spend on natural gas bills, it becomes easier to plan accordingly. is a resource for consumers who are looking to learn more about the energy industry. Deregulation is still relatively new and many Ohio residents are looking for more information on the topic. What does deregulation mean and what can it do for you?

Deregulation means that you have the freedom to choose your own energy retailer. Instead of paying your utility for natural gas supply and distribution costs, you can choose a separate company to sell you your energy supply. Your utility will still deliver your gas, but you can sign up for affordable rates on energy with an energy retailer. For some people, different financing options mean added convenience. Could you be one of those people? Explore your options to potentially find a well-suited plan today.

Updated: 7-21-2015