Save On Natural Gas | Energy Saving Tips

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Save Natural Gas: Help Your Bill and the Environment

Almost all our homes use electricity and natural gas in some way, and we are always looking for ways to save natural gas and energy. We have a growing variety of choices in appliances and equipment where we have an energy choice – and natural gas offers an efficient, price-savvy option. When you want to save, take these tips from into consideration:

  • Natural gas hot-water heaters cost far less to operate, and they heat water twice as quickly as electric hot-water heaters.
  • Furnaces powered by natural gas generally deliver heat that's much warmer, use fuel at a much higher efficiency rate and last longer than electric heat pumps. Because natural gas can provide instant heat in really cold weather, you tend to use less natural gas. Consequently, efficiency experts say a new high-efficiency natural gas furnace and cooling system can save you hundreds in annual operating costs. That's how to save natural gas and your pocketbook.
  • Natural gas-powered dryers dry clothes twice as fast as their electric counterparts. Look for dryers that are moisture sensitive so they shut off as soon as your clothes are dry rather than after a certain setting or length of time.

Save natural gas with sensible practices

In the living room, move furniture away from windows; it's warmer to sit near an inside wall. In the winter, open draperies and blinds to let the sun warm your rooms. Close a fireplace damper when not using it.

In the kitchen, place lids on pans to speed cooking and look through the window of your oven when cooking to avoid opening it and losing heat. Use the dishwasher only when you have a full load, and limit the heat drying cycle.

In the laundry area, wash clothes in cold or warm water and only use the water level you need. It’s better to wait for a full load to save energy.

Turn your furnace and water heater to the lowest settings when you're away on vacation. Be sure you have adequate insulation in your attic.

Ways to save natural gas by keeping the heat, cold out

Any list of how to save on natural gas usage has to include sealing your home off from the outside. Simply keeping the summer heat and winter cold out and your air conditioning or heating in offers some of the best ways to save.

Seal air leaks with caulk, spray foam or weathering stripping, starting with your attic, basement and crawlspace. Next, check your windows, doors and electrical outlets for leaks.

Other ways to save natural gas and improve the efficiency of your home include sealing and insulating the ducts in your heating and air conditioning system. Adequate insulation in your attic also helps. Attics that aren't well insulated can drain your heat in the winter.