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Understand Dominion East Ohio

Dominion East Ohio is the Ohio branch of a larger energy company, Dominion. Natural gas supply in Ohio used to be regulated. At that time, you could only get your natural gas supply from the utility that served your home. Starting in 1997, Ohio's natural gas market became deregulated. Consumers now have the ability to choose from a collection of suppliers that offer alternative gas rates that could be a better fit than the regulated rates of the utility – Dominion. Natural gas utilities' supply rates are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and vary depending upon the true market value of natural gas. While natural gas rates such as these may be a comfortable fit for some households and businesses, others who prefer predictability may want to consider finding a supplier that offers alternative plans.

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Dominion East Ohio provides natural gas delivery

Regardless of whether a natural gas consumer purchases his or her supply from the utility or a supplier, he or she will still receive gas rates for delivery from Dominion East Ohio. Suppliers only offer gas rates for supply. They do not provide delivery; this is left to the utility. Delivery rates from the utility are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, just like utility supply rates. Delivery gas rates remain the same regardless of what supplier a customer signs up with. This means that the quality of the commodity delivered will never be compromised, no matter who the consumer is purchasing his or her supply from.

Dominion East Ohio is involved in its community

EnergyShare is this utility's assistance program for those customers who are facing financial hardships that compromise their ability to pay their gas rates. Funds for this program are obtained through various donations from stockholders, customers, employees, Dominion and EnergyShare partners. Customers who require assistance can sign up for EnergyShare through their local Salvation Army in Ohio to see if they qualify. If a household does meet the qualifications, energy payments are made directly to their energy supplier. All administrative expenses for this program are covered by Dominion and social service agencies.

Along with EnergyShare, this utility also provides educational programs. According to its website, Dominion East Ohio believes that education is the key to a growing economy; therefore it invests in the minds of youth. From educational partnerships with K-12 schools and colleges, to a scholarship fund for children or grandchildren of Dominion employees, this utility makes an effort to ensure our next generation is given the opportunity to grow intellectually.

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If you are currently receiving your supply from Dominion East Ohio, you have the opportunity to shop around for gas rates. Because Dominion East Ohio is a utility, you will still have your supply delivered from it and will be charged its gas rates for delivery. However, there may be a supply plan that's better suited for your needs. You never know until you look. Browse to learn about the companies that supply your area. If you'd like to learn more about natural gas plans, give us a buzz and we'll be happy to help. Make sure you're getting the best energy plan for you!

Updated: 7-21-2015