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Direct Energy in OH Offers Customers a Choice

Consumers who are looking for a change in their natural gas service may be drawn to Direct Energy. OH customers have the opportunity to purchase a stable-rate plan with this provider. This kind of natural gas plan is different from variable rates that are typically offered by utilities.

What are variable-rate plans?

Variable rates are much like what their name implies — they vary from month to month. This fluctuation in price is due to change in demand. In the energy industry, demand is influenced by things such as the weather or how easy it is for companies to deliver natural gas to customers. Since it’s difficult to predict temperature changes or a block in supply, it’s hard to know exactly what the market price will be for gas each month. If you have a variable-rate plan, your rates will reflect how much it costs that month to collect your natural gas and send it to you. Variable rates are chosen by companies, so you never know what your exact price for energy will be.

Direct Energy natural gas: OH stable rates

Direct Energy in OH offers stable-rate plans. Consumers can choose to secure their price per unit for natural gas each month. Selecting a stable-rate plan means that you know what your approximate rate will be for natural gas each time you receive a bill from your energy company. Many families and businesses appreciate this predictability as it makes planning a budget much easier. Unfortunately, plans for natural gas that include Direct Energy prepaid in OH are not available.

So what options are available in your area? In Ohio, you can choose to buy your natural gas from either your utility or a separate company called an energy retailer. Direct Energy is a natural gas retailer, meaning that it offers consumers different rates for gas. If you sign up for a plan with Direct Energy, you’ll continue to receive your natural gas from your utility. Utilities are always in charge of natural gas delivery, and are the companies that maintain and repair natural gas pipelines. If you ever experience a problem with your service, you should contact your utility, not your energy retailer. is your one-stop destination for information on the natural gas industry. With just one website, you can learn a wealth of facts about natural gas utilities and retailers. Why go through the motions of familiarizing yourself with the business? Since the Ohio natural gas industry is deregulated, you can shop around for your ideal energy provider and plan. The benefit of having the power to choose your own natural gas company is that you can select a business that offers you affordable rates and convenient customer services. Exercise your power to choose today with

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Updated: 7-21-2015