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Constellation Energy in Ohio: Natural Gas Prices to Consider

Constellation Energy, a subsidiary of Exelon, is a leading supplier of natural gas, power and energy products in North America. The supplier boasts more than 1 million residential customers and 90,000 business customers, served through electricity plans and Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices.

Deregulation offers Ohio residents an energy choice

Historically, Ohio's energy market operated with just one player: the local utility. It was the utility's responsibility to both supply and deliver natural gas and electricity through its infrastructure of pipes and power lines. In order to control the prices charged by utilities, the government regulated it through rate caps.

In the late 1990s, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio implemented legislation requiring the deregulation of the energy industry in the state. This law separated the supply and delivery portions of energy service. Utilities are now responsible for the delivery of natural gas and electricity, while Ohio residents are now able to choose their own energy supplier. This choice is not something every state gives its residents. Ohio is one of a handful of states that has deregulated to give customers a choice in their energy supply.

The major benefit to Ohio consumers is the right to select an energy supplier from a competitive marketplace. After deregulation, many retail energy suppliers entered into Ohio, creating a rivalry among energy providers. Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices and plan options must compete in the marketplace to attract your attention away from companies.

Consider a switch to Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices

If you are looking to find a new gas plan, then it might be worth your while to compare Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices to what other suppliers offer. You may find that Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices are a better alternative to what is competitively offered. In addition, the supplier may have plans and customer service that better fit your needs.

Switching is easier than you might think. The best place to start is by looking up your current natural gas rate. You can find this rate on your previous energy bills. Once you know what you are currently paying for natural gas, compare your price to those offered by other retail energy suppliers in your area. If your rate is higher than what is offered by Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices, you may consider switching.

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Keep your utility

Even if you choose a new retail energy supplier, such as Constellation, you will keep your utility. No matter what company you purchase a natural gas supply from, your utility still has to be the one to deliver it because it owns the infrastructure to get it to you. When you choose your own supplier, such as Constellation Energy in Ohio, natural gas prices will be charged by the supplier, while the utility charges a delivery fee.

Find Constellation Energy in Ohio natural gas prices for your business

Constellation supplies energy for small, large and even national businesses. In fact, the company serves energy to two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies. Because Constellation offers energy plans and prices for a variety of business sizes, you are sure to find one that meets the needs of your business.

If you operate a business in Ohio, there is no reason to settle for your current energy rate. By spending a few minutes comparing rates and plans from energy suppliers in your area, you could find a plan that works better for you. What are you waiting for?

Updated: 7-21-2015