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That's what OhioGasCompanies.com is designed to do. We provide you with valuable information on the main natural gas suppliers in Ohio, including some background on each company and some information on what they can offer their customers.

J.D. Power and Associates conducts an annual survey of natural gas customers in Ohio and other states that have deregulated the sale of natural gas. In the 2011 survey, it reported that even in tough economic times, there are actions gas companies can take to help keep customers satisfied, such as giving customers a billing format they can understand and offering flexible payment schedules for those who need it. Providing easy-to-navigate customer service systems and representatives who are helpful and courteous are just as important for retaining customers.

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OhioGasCompanies.com can provide you with a lot of research and save you a lot of head-scratching. And in the end, you’ll be better armed to make your decision.

The underlying message you'll find in doing research is that deregulated markets are important because they give customers a choice, and the greatest power customers can wield over their natural gas supplier is using their power of choice to benefit their wallet.

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